The Best and Cheapest Hotels in London One of the most popular and trendiest vacation spots, London is a hub of activity and visitors. This metropolitan city in the United Kingdom is often one of the first few places to visit for people who would like to travel the world, so it would be no surprise if you want to pay a visit as well.

Regardless of what the reason for traveling is, one of the most worrying things that need to be taken care of is accommodation. It becomes especially tedious to find the best and cheapest hotels in busy places such as London where good service tends to have sky high prices. Luckily for you, here is a short list of five of the best and cheapest hotels in London:


For what the price of the room is set at, a meager £51 and upwards, the London House Hotel is packed with anything and everything one might need when out traveling and exploring. From flat screen TVs to stocked mini fridges, this Bayswater stop is convenient and more than its worth. Since it has also very recently been renovated, you can rest assured that you will be accommodated in nothing less than the best Bayswater has to offer.


With rooms that begin at prices as low as £34, Tune Hotel is definitely one to look at for those with narrow budgets. The style is minimal yet likable, a classic white and wood contrast with simple and elegant furniture. To make things cheaper, only the bed comes as a permanent accessory whereas all other features can be opted for by paying more in addition to the room.


Whether you are looking to stay for the night or a longer period, the Hotel 55 is located at the perfect place for people who wish to commute ahead and explore as the North Ealing tube is located only a two-minute distance away. With double rooms starting at £74, Hotel 55 is affordable and aesthetically pleasing, what with the abstract paintings and motifs that cover its walls and floors.


If you are looking for a place to stay which is unique, tasteful, peaceful yet not out of the loop, and also incredibly affordable, then the Generator hotel is the place to be for you. With its walls decorated with bright and beautiful art and the hotel itself located in a quiet yet central place in Bloomsbury, Generator is ideal for those who are running very short on their budget. The dorms begin at £21 while private rooms start at over £50.


Located on Chatsworth Road on Clapton, the Russell’s of Clapton b&b manages to capture the essence of an artistic person’s ideal abode. With cozy furniture, homy books lining shelves and tables, and leather accessories galore, the hotel looks vintage and comfortable. Not only that, but it also boasts brilliant breakfast services and comfy room accessories, including wonderful sheets and towels, an enviable shower, and a bed you could get lost in.
So before you set off to the city of lights, activity, and people, take a peek at 5 of the best and cheapest hotels in London mentioned in this list so you can book your accommodation easily and without making it too much of a burden.

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