The Pakistani fashion industry has come a long way since the past few decades as the internet, social media, and new forms of advertising have completely altered the way people see, choose, and purchase. As the momentum shifts towards the customer, the quality of products and extent of innovation has increased tenfold. As such, there has been no better time for fashion enthusiasts. From bridal couture to casual attire, the fashion scene is filled with sizzling styles and groundbreaking trends- but which one of them are the very best? Here are some of the best ladies dress brands and collections in Pakistan as of now:


A common household name for most women, Gul Ahmed is undoubtedly the celebrated leader of the fashion industry in this country. Established in 1900 as primarily a cloth vendor, Gul Ahmed now specializes in all sorts of attire and accessories, including handbags, jewelry, and many more. With over 40 outlets all over Pakistan as well as a loyal international fanbase, Gul Ahmed sets the tone for innovation every year with beautiful collections suited for each of the four seasons. Their collections include stitched and unstitched, embroidered, printed, partywear, and casual dresses on a plethora of materials including khaddar, cotton, and various lawns.


One of the other names in Pakistan that is recognized for its innovation and utter prominence in the fashion industry is the Al Karam Studio. A pitch made by AlKaram Textiles, this brand is known for focusing on innovation, quality, and modernesque designs at affordable rates, dresses fit for being worn on all sorts of events and occasions. Al Karam has ventured into various different dimensions including Yarn, woven cloth, dyed, and greige fabrics, and has celebrated its styles in the form of collections such as the famed Joy of Spring and Hues of Winter collections.


Maria, a graduate of the Pakistan School of Fashion Design and one of the top upcoming designers of her time, set the foundation for the company back in 1999. Her brand is now not only one of the largest manufacturer and retailer of high fashion and high-quality women’s clothing but is also recognized internationally, with big markets in the United States as well as Europe.

The first Pakistani fashion brand to employ a highly professional and dedicated team, Maria B. focuses on providing casual, formal, and bridal attire for women. Their collections consist of printed lawn with chiffon dupattas for the summer, trendy styles for the young adults under the umbrella of Girl, stylish chiffon, silks, khaddars, and pajamahwars make for the formal and semi-formal collection, whereas the Lahore outlet offers beautiful bridal couture.


A product of Nishat Mills, Nishat Linen is one of the widely known brands of Pakistan, famous for its highly revered and purchased collections that range across seasons and trends. These include the Nisha Royal, Nisha Pattern, Nisha Jewel Tone, and other seasonal varieties that encapture elegance and diversity alike. Nishat is also well known for its eye catchingly glorious bridal collections, the outlets of which spread all over Pakistan.


Modernesque and trendy, Khaadi knows how to appease its audience by keeping up with the fads. It is one of the prime stops for many young female students and ladies who always want to look fashionable and top notch with subtle elegance and appropriate style.


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