Some Strategies You Can Use When Writing a Scientific Paper

1 The author must perform several activities before making a scientific paper, including determining the theme that will be used as a benchmark in writing as well as digging the initial data.
2 Try to analyze the initial data obtained on the activities before writing so that it can be a good background for the manufacture of scientific paper.
3 Formulate a problem based on that background.
4 Determine the purpose, benefits and scope of writing, and ultimately formulate or determine the title of writing that represents the issues to be discussed.

Stages of writing a scientific paper:
1. Selection of Topics

Aspects to consider in the selection of topics are:

The Topic Area

It contains the range of issues to be raised in scientific writing. The topic is broader than the title because the topic includes the subject matter and the area to be discussed and written.


The limitations often encountered in the topic selection are: 1) interest, 2) ability to be implemented, 3) ease of implementation, 4) ease of being made into a wider problem, and 5) benefits.
2. Collection of information

The basic principles to be considered in connection with the collection of information are:

Evaluation of instruments to obtain more accurate and consistent data

Evaluation of the instrument is done by piloting data collection with the instrument that has been made. The test results will be known through validity and reliability testing.

Evaluation of the source to account for the data

The author must determine whether the data required in writing a scientific paper is in the form of primary, secondary or combined data of both.

Making notes to facilitate the recording and retrieval of information that has been recorded

Notes can be made with the use of an information card, the creation of a writing system to connect information cards with bibliography, as well as the selection of citation forms.
3. Field Survey

The main thing of field survey is observing the object under study. Establish issues and objectives to be studied and made scientific work. This step is your point of reference in the process of writing or research.
4. Build Bibliography

Bibliography means the technical activity of making a description for a written listing or published literature, organized in a systematic form of a list according to the rules desired. Thus the purpose of the bibliography is to know the existence of a book/library or a number of books/libraries ever published.
5. Consult a Professional Writing Service

To write a good scientific paper, we sometimes need help from a professional third party. Hiring a paper writing services is recommended in this case. There are many paper writing services available on Internet, but only a handful of qualified services. When we’re in need of hiring a service, we should ensure that the service can meet all of our writing requirements.

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