Arguably the most successful messaging application in the world right now, Whatsapp has made local and international communication incredibly easy and simplistic. But if you are one of the billion people who use Whatsapp, we can bet there are certain features of the app that you are not aware of, even if you are a fairly regular user and consider yourself to be a master Whatsapp-er.

Here some of the best-hidden features of Whatsapp which you can avail and make messaging even more facilitative:

Whatsapp has been giving a greater degree of control to the admins of group chats so they can be mindful of spammers, abusers, and people who are not contributing to the conversation in a positive manner. This new feature means that no one can contribute messages in a group chat unless they have been approved by the admin. They can only read the messages that are being shared by the approved members of the group. Only the admin will be able to access the settings of this feature. If a user wants to get approved to share in a group chat, they must click on the ‘Message Admin’ button and request them for approval.

All of us have encountered times when we want to read a message sent by someone but do not want them to know that we have. Well, people have discovered several ways using which they can bypass the dreaded blue tick of the read receipt. The first way requires you to go to your Settings, tap on Account, and turn of the Read Receipts option under the Privacy settings. This does come at a disadvantage, however, as you won’t be able to see when others have read your messages either.

The other way is more clever. Turn on the airplane mode on your phone, read the messages, close the app, and then turn off the airplane mode. Voila! You have read the message without notifying the sender.

Whatsapp finally has the one feature that can potentially save your relationships and life. You can now delete or unsend a message that you accidentally sent or wish you didn’t after having pressed the ‘send’ button. Simply press and hold on to the message bubble, tap on the Delete option, and select Delete for Everyone. But there is a catch- you have to do it under seven minutes of sending the message

Did you know you could actually use bolded and italicized letters in Whatsapp? Well, you do now. If you want to spruce up your messages and format them better, you can do so by highlighting the desired message, late pressing it, and tapping on ‘More Options’ in the pop-up menu that appears. There, you will find features such as Bold, Italics, Strikethrough, and Monospace.

Have you wanted for no one to see your profile picture but not wanted to take it down altogether either? The solution to your problem is already hidden in the features of Whatsapp. Simply go to your Settings, tap on Privacy, go to your Profile Photo, and select ‘Nobody’ instead of the preselected ‘Everyone’ or ‘My Contacts’. Your profile photo has been conserved for your eyes only.


Let Siri Do Your Work: You do not even need to bother your fingers to type a message on WhatsApp. If you are an Apple user, you can simply ask Siri to read out the last message for you or even send out a new message to a contact provided you have allowed your persona; assistant to have access to your contacts.
Find Your Favorite Person: You can find out the identity of the person you have been conversing with the most over Whatsapp on Apple devices by going to your settings and tapping on ‘Select Contact’ under the Storage Usage Setting.
Special Messages: Did you know you could actually save certain messages that are important and view them later? By simply pressing down on a message for a few seconds, you can open a drop-down menu at the top of the screen which will have a star on it. Tap on the star to save the message. Whenever you want to view it, just tap on the three dots on the top tab of the home page and click on ‘starred messages’.

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